Districting Kit

(for Census 2010 data)

By July 8, 2011 each of Idaho's 115 school districts must have created trustee zones within its district which meet population balancing standards set by the State using Census 2010 data. It has come to our attention that county GIS staff, in some cases, are being asked to help school districts meet this challenge. In light of that, we have provided this Districting Kit web page which provides access to all of the tools that are necessary for a person with GIS expertise, using ESRI software, to create balanced trustee zones for any school district within the state of Idaho.

Simply do the following:

  1. Download and install the districting software:
  2. Download the Census 2010 block-level population data shapefile for Idaho (139 MB).
  3. Download the Census 2010 school district boundary shapefile for Idaho.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the districting guidelines provided by the Idaho School Boards Association.

FamilySome general instructions:

  • The Census 2010 population variable that you should use is "P0010001" in the attribute table; that is the total population for a Census block (shapefile polygon). Not all Census variables were included in the block-level shapefile provided above. Should you want more insight into the variables provided by the Census, you may find it here.
  • Users of the ArcGIS 10 Desktop Districting product will find that Help->ESRI Districting Help provides much useful information on using the Districting template.
  • Before doing the districting, you should reduce the size of the Census 2010 block-level population data shapefile to the school district with which you will be working. This will dramatically speed up the response time of the districting software.
  • When using the ArcGIS 10 Districting product, set the symbology (Districting -> Symbology) to Multi-Color Fill/Solid Fill and the plan's transparency (Layer Properties -> Display) to 50%. This will allow you to easily distinguish between the different districts that you have created and yet easily see the blocks that you may select.
  • You may create as many districting plans as you would like.
  • If you are later involved in writing the legal descriptions for the new trustee zones, you might find the statewide files here useful.

  • For questions, commments and suggestions, contact us at: GIS@tax.idaho.gov